“My neighbor recommended Delta Auto Glass”

“The rear glass in my vehicle broke.  My neighbor recommended Delta Auto Glass.  I contacted Delta first thing Monday morning.  

The rear glass installation on my car requires the vehicle to sit for a couple of hours to allow curing time.  Delta recognized this and also recognized that I was at work.  I was impressed that they seem to juggle their schedule to get my mobile installation done early that same day allowing curing time before I got off work.

The Installer Technician was quite professional and appears to have done a quality job. ( I used to install auto glass so I have an experience perspective on this).  He was engaging and answered all my questions.  He also did a nice job of cleaning up the broken glass in the interior.

During my mobile installation, one of my coworkers asked the tech. a question about a problem with his vehicle.  The tech took the time to answer his questions.  My coworker was impressed enough to have Delta do the replacement and appears satisfied with the service as well.

Lastly,  Delta was price competitive and the value that they delivered exceeded my expectations.”

Rob B.  4/15/2014 (yelp)